Lucky the Leprechaun is a fun little read that uniquely captivates with rhyming words suited for children aged 2-102. Lucky teaches these children the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, behaving and listening well. The book also comes with an engaging craft. A Leprechaun trap that the children will build themselves! Now you too, can learn the ways of Lucky the Leprechaun and do your best to entice him with some gold coins. Try as you might, this little Leprechaun just may be too quick or clever to ever be trapped.

With golden coins, sparkling chocolate eyes, a shiny red mane, and a sturdy cane, LUCKY, is just like all the other leprechauns except for one thing-Lucky is absolutely certain that little children everywhere are trying to catch him.  From the authors of a new children’s book, “Lucky the Leprechaun” comes this charming tale filled with leprechaun mischief, rainbows, and everything that is fitting for the story of a wily shoe-making leprechaun.

CBS Atlanta anchor, Jennifer Valdez welcomes authors, Samantha Brown and Risa Ramji to the studio to discuss their new children’s story that is both enchanting and enriching to young children and parents nationwide.

The Morning segment included an interview with the authors of “Lucky the Leprechaun”, while children were on set to build and design a leprechaun trap in the hopes of catching a quick and clever leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky the Leprechaun, now celebrating a second edition, is being shared with children as libraries, day care centers, elementary schools, bookstores, and hospitals are all hosting story time and book signing events with the authors.  Drawing a strong turnout, this charming book paired with a special leprechaun craft and the music and movement activities delivers a positive and fun message to kids about kindness and respect.