Things Lucky Does

Lucky The Leprechaun can do some amazingly clever and tricky things…please feel free to post your suggestions as well! A million minds are better than one!

Some things that Lucky The Leprechaun has left for children in the past…

-Gold dust on the counter tops and the floor
-Green rubber bracelets
-Shamrock stickers
-St. Patrick’s Day headband
-Lucky Charms
-Hand written note from Lucky himself!
-Rainbow crayons
-Rainbow lollipops
-Chocolate gold coins
-Plastic gold coins
-Green milk, pancakes, scrambled eggs, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, clear sodas like Sprites & Ginger Ale
-Green designs in toast
-Green ICE for water in the morning
-Foot prints were left in flour on the counter
-Foot prints on the ceiling
-Trails of shamrock confetti
-Toilet water turned GREEN
-Items throughout the house have been turned upside down and put in the wrong places
-Green Shamrock stamps were left on children’s hands while they were sleeping