What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Absolutely a fantastic read! When the author read the story to me, I was smitten right from the start. The short rhyming phrases was truly delightful, especially when told in a slight sing-song voice.  The Leprechaun Trap is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, whether created as a family activity or for school age children!”

Terra Cribbs
Assistant Branch Manager
Youth Services Department Manager
Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System

…A treat…really, a special shot of wit, humour and traditional telling! Congratulations you two. And your illustrator is a gift! Anyone would be honoured to work with him.
You are in a good place surrounded by heart, passion and talent.
Warm hugs,
David Bouchard
Author Educator Presenter

As an educator, I can’t wait wait to get my hands on this one of a kind book! As a luck enthusiast- I am so excited to be a part of Lucky’s world:)
-Andréa Vawda
Counsellor & Teacher
Voice of Abby Apple

A gorgeous thing! A very dynamic, easily engaging and magical poem filled with encouraging words and lessons of kindness and good behavior. It’s definitely a book to treasure and pass on to generations! The fun trap ties the story to reality, motivating kids to behave in an appropriate manor!
Sue Buitrago

As a grandparent who lives in a different state, this is a great gift. Children should always have memorable childhoods and learn manners also. Thank you for this book.
Diana Kaye

As a grandson living in a different state than his grandma (Diana Kaye), I am so “lucky” she found this book! It was fun to read, and I am sure that I will trap the Leprechaun this time with the trap I made! Thank you Grandma, and thank you authors for this book! ~ Donald, age 7
Donald Lafferty